When it comes to dairy-free milk chocolate, we don’t believe in compromise.
Two years of research were put into achieving our goal of creamy, satisfying non-dairy milk chocolate that would convert even the greatest hater. More than half a million sold to chocolate enthusiasts worldwide!

Our products

Who knew milk chocolate would be better without dairy?

We strive to reclaim the idea of milk chocolate. We believe that though the future is dairy free, certain culinary formats are hard to let go of for certain people who grew up on specific textures and flavors. Heck, we’re not that different ourselves. That’s why we put so much time and effort into our Soy and Coconut based milk chocolate, bringing it to new and exciting heights. With Panda – milk is just a state of mind.

100% Guilt free
No animals or persons were harmed to make our chocolate
100% Dairy free
From vegans to lactose intolerants - we got you covered
100% Exploitation free
We only use UTZ certified cocoa
100% joy
It's a DAMN fine bar of chocolate

Chocolate Love Story

How it all began

It all began in 2013. We (Daniel Bareket and Elya Adi) were working in hi-tech, while Elya was finishing her two year volunteering in an animal rights organization. We were both vegan, and we both missed milk chocolate a whole lot.

After a co-worker suggested we try to make it ourselves, we went into the kitchen and started experimenting for fun. It didn’t quite work out. It seemed the challenge was bigger than we had anticipated. What did work out extremely well was us falling in love (we did eat a whole lot of chocolate, so it was probably inevitable).

For the next two years, we literally tried everything. Nothing seemed to come close to that savory taste that milk chocolate had. But in the spring of 2015, after much trial and error – we had a formula in hand that was perfect.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign that exploded way beyond what we had expected, with over 2500 people pledging to support the new brand, we realized this was going to be big. We opened our very own vegan chocolate factory in Jerusalem, and started selling our chocolate in 500 retail locations in Israel, our home country.

To this day, more than half a million bars have been sold worldwide, allowing tens of thousands of people to enjoy the true taste of milk chocolate, while saving the lives of animals. We are still very much in love.

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