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When it comes to dairy-free milk chocolate, we don’t believe in compromise.

Two years of research were put into achieving our goal of creamy, satisfying non-dairy vegan milk chocolate that would convert even the greatest hater.


It’s vegan milk chocolate that will make you smile and will remind you of the chocolate you grew up on.

It will get you a puzzled look from your vegan friend as they grab the package from your hand to make sure there is actually no milk in it.


Yes, it’s that good.

we can go on about our own products but, you know – we make them. So Here are public screenshots off our Facebook page of real people who love our chocolate.

100% Guilt free
No animals or persons were harmed to make our chocolate
100% Dairy free
From vegans to lactose intolerants - we got you covered
100% Exploitation free
We only use UTZ certified cocoa
100% joy
It's a DAMN fine bar of chocolate

Deciding on the right chocolate to eat is a tough one. We get it. So we’ve assembled our best bundles for you to choose from.  All bundles include free shipping to your doorstep. Or, if you are a free spirit, you can simply browse our store and choose for yourself

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